Letter to Members, August 2020

Dear friends,

Thank you for being part of the brain storming session for the next steps for ASLI. The brainstorming really helped us to narrow down our thoughts on what to do to get value for all our members. I am attaching a to do list with this email to understand our future action plan and would encourage age all members to participate.

We also had our board meeting and the meeting was very good and had great representation and ideation with all the board members and the above to do list is the outcome of that interaction. On the CII front, even though some members had reservations due to our last collaborations with CII, we have decided to move ahead in the interest of the industry. Rajit is chairing the senior care committee at CII. He would be making sure interests of ASLI are aligned with CII and any representation to government which has interest of ASLI members would be discussed at ASLI.

Please go through the attached minutes and give me your thoughts, and if anyone wants to help in any area do reach out to me. I am also glad the ASLI family is growing and would like to welcome Dr KR Gangadharan from Heritage Foundation as our knowledge partner, Mr. Pavithra Gandharan from Kshetra & Ms Poonam Jain & Mr. Sanjay Jain from International Star Assistance Pvt Ltd as our members.

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