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  • Standards for Senior Living Sector in India
  • Focus on better standards for senior living sector in India
  • Dozee raises $6 million in Series A funding
    Dozee provides remote health monitoring solutions and devices that track heart health, respiration, sleep quality and stress levels. Its AI-based health intelligence module assesses user’s vitals data and conducts risk analysis Health-tech startup Dozee, which offers contactless remote monitoring solutions, on Thursday said it has raised $6 million (or roughly ₹44 crore) as part of its Series A funding, led by existing investor Prime Venture Partners. Read more at
  • 88% elderly are either facing or had to face covid-related issues
    Over 88% elderly are either facing or had to face covid-19 related issues, showed the findings of a survey done by the NGO Agewell Foundation. Agewell volunteers interacted with 1500 elderly across Delhi-NCR during July with an objective to assess the current living conditions and the impact of covid-19 on their life. Read more at
  • Kerala has highest share of elderly in population, Bihar lowest
    Kerala, as per 2021 data, has the maximum proportion (16.5%) of elderly people in its population, followed by Tamil Nadu (13.6%), Himachal Pradesh (13.1%), Punjab (12.6%) and Andhra Pradesh (12.4%), according to a government report. The proportion is the least in Bihar (7.7%) followed by Uttar Pradesh (8.1%) and Assam (8.2%), according to the report of the Elderly in India 2021 document released on Thursday by the ministry of statistics and programme implementation (MOSPI). Read more at
  • NGOs for elderly call for financial support in old age
    New Delhi, Aug 11 (PTI) Noting that financial support in old age is a necessity, NGOs for elderly have said that with an increasingly longer life span, income generation through a second job and gainful engagement post-retirement has become the need of the hour. Reacting to a recent report titled ”Quality of Life for Elderly Index”, prepared by the Institute for Competitiveness, the NGOs welcomed the focus on the ”quality of life of the elderly” looking at major aspects like financial and social wellbeing. Read more at
  • Senior First – Senior Care Assistanve, Elderly Care Products & Services in Delhi, India
    Senior First is the best elderly care services platform for senior citizens. Read more at
  • Assisted living breaking the taboo of old age homes in Chennai
    Unlike normal old age homes, assisted living ensures that the senior citizen has his or her own space. They get their individual apartment spaces and they can customize them the way they want. In her one BHK space, Vallinayagi, 83, sings her favourite devotional songs and a few Tamil love songs. She then spends her time reading her favourite weekly journals and spiritual books. The entire set-up looks like a regular home of an elderly citizen but here the only difference is that Vallinayagi is part of an assisted living community. Read more at
  • Elderly population up, Tamil Nadu has second highest
    CHENNAI: Population of those above 60 years in India has been increasing steadily since 1961 and it touched 13.8 crore in 2021. It’s growing faster since 1981 due to decrease in death rate, said a study by the National Statistical Office Read more at
  • Communities catering to the differently abled on the rise as pandemic takes toll on families
  • Covid affected quality of life of elderly, says survey
  • Just when Taliban rattled the Af.
    It is very recent; during US pullout from Af and turmoil thereof. Three Indians and Nepalese suffering Covid infected Lungs disorder. Both their employer and hospital wanted them to be evacuated out of Af. Reasons were many: including endangered life, deteriorating medical condition and depleting resources. Taliban was making sudden moves and whole of Af was in uncertainty and fear. Airport, Immigration, Security… tartar Read more at
  • Elderly living homes’ demand outruns supply
    Projects take three to four years to get ready so there is a gap between demand and supply, Nirula said. During the pandemic, senior citizens experienced isolation and were increasingly dependent on external sources for their day -to-day living while those living in senior living communities had a better experience with their needs taken care off. Read more at
  • The Positive Ageing Report: Women Over Sixty Spend Twice As Much Time On Social Media Compared To Gen Z Women
    With a strong focus on ageing positively, senior citizens want to explore new career avenues, pursue their passions, and at the same time engage in social good more actively. Contrary to widespread belief, today’s senior citizens are far from retirement. In celebration of World Senior Citizen’s Day (August 21), Columbia Pacific Communities, India’s largest senior living community operator, launched India’s first ever report on the golden agers, The Positive Ageing Report. Supported by extensive desk research, the report, aims to examine traditional notions and understand evolving needs of seniors while giving key insights on the changing aspirations, needs of senior […]
  • Elderly Well-Being: Index Assesses India’s Response To Ageing
    As India undergoes this demographic transition, the Quality of Life for Elderly Index can guide the country to take preemptive action, respond to the challenges posed as well as bag the opportunities that are presented. As our lifestyles transform due to social, economic and other factors, an offshoot of this change is a fall in fertility rate and rise in life expectancy, resulting in an increase in the proportion of elderly population, as seen all around the world. The phenomenon is occurring at a more rapid pace in developing countries. In India, the old age population is currently 60 million, […]
  • Looking at ageing in a holistic way is going to become the need of the hour for India: Tara Singh Vachani
    Market for senior care in India is almost $11-12 billion, but very fragmented currently. There are no organised players that are focused on providing services and products in a platform manner. Shahid Akhter, editor, ETHealthworld, spoke to Tara Singh Vachani, Executive Chairperson, Antara Senior Care, to know more about the burden and challenges associated with the ageing population in India and the emerging market for senior care. Read more at
  • Bharathiar University to offer PG Diploma in Geriatric care course
    Bharathiar University announced on Monday that it will be offering a PG Diploma course in Geriatric Care and Management from the academic year 2021- 22. The varsity’s Social Work Department is collaborating with Travancore Foundation Education and Research Centre on Aging (TF ERCA), Kottayam, Kerala to offer this program here. Read more at
  • Cabinet approves Karnataka State Mental Healthcare Rules
    The State Cabinet approved the Karnataka State Mental Healthcare Rules 2021 for implementing the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017 of the Centre, and providing health care and services for persons with mental illness, and to protect, promote and fulfil the rights of such person during delivery of mental healthcare and services. Read more at
  • Age Care Labs completes acquisition of Epoch Elder Care
    Age Care Labs, the platform anchored by Lumis to build, buy and invest into businesses in senior care, announced the completion of its acquisition of Epoch Elder Care, a provider of expert dementia care and assisted living homes for elders. Read more at
  • NITI Aayog on Twitter
    Moving The Needle : Senior care as a segment needs deep intent & gravitas. So memorable to see the efforts shaping so well . deeply humbled to be a part of building the first dots – the as is & to be with my teammates – Samhita Bhakta, Dr. Priyanka Indrodia led by Dr Rana Mehta… Read more at
  • In her 70s, my mother learnt driving, dancing and TT -Malini Goyal
    Moving to a senior citizens’ community has seen many people like my parents grow younger and fitter – mentally and even physically. The pandemic was a blip that many of them overcame thanks to the community… Read more at
  • Home alone, seniors vulnerable to attacks in Delhi
    Delhi Police claims to have made quick arrests in most of these cases and that the killers were known to most of the victims. The cops said they are taking various measures to enhance the security of senior citizens, and the beat officers as well as the area SHOs have been sensitised to the special security needs of the elderly… Read more at
  • A cure for loneliness in a pandemic for India’s senior citizens
    Emoha Healthcare helped keep senior citizens engaged, happy and healthy during the pandemic that separated families for long months and made essential chores like groceries or a doctors’ checkup a gargantuan task. Here’s how… Read more at
  • How Tara Singh Vachani of the Max Group is giving senior citizens their second innings
    In episode 40, our Vision-nari is Tara Singh Vachani, Executive Chairman of Antara Senior Living and Vice Chairman of Max India. Antara is a first of its kind senior living space in India which opened its first… Read more at
  • The Business of the Elders
    Armed with disposable income and a willingness to splurge, this consumer cohort comprises over 10 per cent of the population. No wonder marketers are beginning to target this segment with specialised products… Read more at
  • The urban elderly ignored and forgotten- The case of standard in senior living facilities
    Dimly lit, poorly kept rooms, unkempt elderly sitting or lying listlessly in their beds surrounded by smell of decay mixed with strong disinfectant, some knick-knacks lying around to fill the available space, and disinterested staff talking among themselves or shouting at the elderly… Read more at
  • Mental health and anxiety in the elderly needs a relook
    The Longitudinal Ageing Study in India states that about 20% of the country’s senior population are suffering from mental health issues. With most of them staying by themselves the risk of psychological distress cannot be ignored… Read more at
  • Centre announces project to support startups developing innovative solutions for elderly
    Aiming to encourage the youth to find innovative solutions to help senior citizens, the government on Friday announced a project to select, support and create a one-stop access point of elderly care products and services by credible start-ups… Read more at
  • Govt announces project to support startups developing innovative solutions for elderly
    Aiming to encourage the youth to find innovative solutions to help senior citizens, the government on Friday announced a project to select, support and create a one-stop access point of elderly care products and services by credible startups… Read more at
  • How the second wave devastated the elderly in India
    At 140 million, India has the second largest population of old people in the world, as per the 2011 census. Several NGOs working with the elderly are finding themselves totally stretched… Read more at
  • We need to build a strong healthcare system for our elders: Rajagopal G, KITES Senior Care
    The Longitudinal Ageing Study in India states that about 40% of the country’s senior population have some form of disability, and as high as 20% are suffering from mental health issues… Read more at
  • A Higher Purpose: Examining Links Between Sense of Purpose & Healthy Behavior in Older Adults
    Much research has touted the benefits of having a sense of purpose and direction in life, including better immune functioning and increased longevity. There is some evidence that healthy lifestyles underlie these benefits; to confirm this, one study investigated older adults’ sense of purpose and engagement in healthy behaviors over eight years… Read more at–mWFjKk1-TVpQZXic5rimDtLcWKO1TiEHY68w-1BM_3ju-VCu5o4hpmoYx37y1r3nC-L1Y-K750ZwR7uVeSSNGo8HXsA&utm_content=129724435&utm_source=hs_email
  • It’s More Than Physical Health: Successful Aging Across Cultures
    Traditional North American models of successful aging often focus primarily on physical and cognitive health maintenance in later years. A recent Brazilian study investigated how meanings attached to the concept of successful aging may differ across countries and cultures… Read more at JTd9eWFHSQynOCXhqOFGQ&utm_content=129724435&utm_source=hs_email
  • Union Cabinet approves Model Tenancy Act: All you need to know
    In a release, the central government said that the Model Tenancy Act will facilitate unlocking of vacant houses for rental housing purposes… Read more at
  • Start-ups for elderly care to get a big push
    NEW DELHI: In a significant step towards bringing focus on addressing the needs of the fast rising elderly population, the ministry of social justice is all set to roll out its ‘Seniorcare Ageing Growth Engine’ project to select, support and create a… Read more at
  • Elderly from Tamil Nadu care home take internet by storm via podcasts
    CHENNAI: Until three months ago, K Subramanian, enjoyed the leisurely pace of life at the Coimbatore retirement home where he lives… Read more at
  • Rajagopalg Seniorcare Eldercare Palliativecare Activity
    We have this familiar discussion with the families of elders when they call in “what will my relatives say if I leave my elder here”… Read more at
  • Medical emergencies and loneliness: How an eldercare company is fighting the two biggest problems faced by senior citizens
    For Gurugram-based numerologist and tarot card reader Pooja Vaid, Emoha Eldercare’s services could not have come at a better time. Her in-laws are Covid-19-positive and living in a separate condominium… Read more at
  • Columbia Pacific Communities, Fortis Healthcare launch #ReachOut campaign
    The ten-day social media campaign encourages senior citizens to seek help for their mental health… Read more at:
  • Lockdowns are working, although not in every state
    State governments have been increasingly using lockdowns as a way to control the spread of covid-19 cases, even as their healthcare capacity struggles to keep pace… Read more at:
  • Coronavirus | Pandemic pushing up demand for senior living units, say realtors
    In what has increasingly become the new way of living — mostly indoors, highly alert about hygiene, and in preparedness of medical emergencies — realtors say demand for housing units specifically catering to senior living is on the rise…. Read more at:
  • Covid-19: Around 82.4% elderly dealing with health anxiety issues, claims study
    During the past month, it was also found that 63% elderly have developed symptoms of depression due to loneliness or social isolation… Read more at:
  • COVID-19: Hospitals tie up with luxury hotels to provide beds
    As far as birthday celebrations go, this one at Sarovar Hotels and Resorts, Gurugram was unusual. A sexagenarian guest lay isolated in her hotel bedroom, as support staff in PPE suits walked in with a cake and a song… Read more at:
  • Music and dementia: Here’s how it works as an effective combination
    The power of music can help in dealing with dementia in more ways than one. Here’s all you need to know about it. Music can heal the wound that medicine cannot touch… Read more at:
  • Active & Healthy Ageing: Creating a holistic environment and support system to enable the elderly optimize opportunities
    The United Nations recently declared 20212030 as the Decade of Healthy Ageing, with WHO leading international action to improve the lives of older people, their families and communities. In India, we have seen a rapid… Read more at:
  • ‘Second innings’: India’s new-age seniors splurge on themselves, drive growth of silver economy
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  • Eldercare reforms are necessary
    Geriatric care needs to be taken to the grassroots levels starting from preventive care and a robust primary care system. Social security of these elderly besides their productive engagement must form the core of policy thinking. Development and inve… Download here
  • Dementia- Types, stages and end of life care management
    In this article for Medgate today magazine, Neha writes about the types and stages of dementia. She also elucidates the end of life care management for such. Download here
  • IoT for Seniors: How Technology Improves Quality of Life for the Elderly
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  • Retirement homes: A haven for those too old to work, too young to die | Business Standard News
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  • Need for Integrated Central Sector Scheme to strengthen the senior care ecosystem in India
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  • Association of senior living to come with standards and accreditation matrix for senior care – The Economic Times
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  • Need for Integrated Central Sector Scheme to strengthen the senior care ecosystem in India
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  • Senior care comes of age in Covid-19 era
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  • The pandemic push to the silver economy- Goutam Das
    By 11am, Lal Jagtiani, 84, was done with most of his morning rituals: a cup of tea on the balcony that overlooks a lawn; listening to Indian classical music; a trek down and up the stairs to his fourth-floor apartment in a senior living development in Bhiwadi, a town in Rajasthan’s Alwar district. Now, he’s settled down at the library in the society’s club house. Read more
  • ‘Just another battle’ — How 3 100-year-old great grandmothers fought off Covid in Karnataka
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  • Covid-19 should force India to think about its elderly population
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  • Elder care is a priority, says Harsh Vardhan
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  • Families find retirement homes a safe haven
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  • How to ensure income security for seniors
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  • Savithri Vaithi, founder of Vishranthi Old Age Home, no more
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  • How India’s elderly population unleashes the powers of new-age technology
    Don’t underestimate the power of our super elders..!! What do you think? How do you feel tech can help elders? Would be great to hear your views? At Emoha, we are passionately pursuing best practices in tech design, design thinking and sensors to make elders more safe, more secure and more engaged. Read more
  • India’s invisible generation fights loneliness strain
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  • How to ensure income security for seniors
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  • Covid-19 should force India to think about its elderly population
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  • Expert Series on COVID-19 by THE HINDU
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  • Realty Plus Mag 2020
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  • Essential tips for caregivers looking after the elderly
    One needs to take cognisance that ageing is not chronological. Caregivers could be upskilled on how to offer help to an elderly person without compromising functionality altogether. Read more at:
  • How this woman entrepreneur is providing quality and homely environment for the elderly
    How this woman entrepreneur is providing quality and homely environment for the elderly? Founded in 2012, Epoch Elder Care is currently present in Gurugram, Delhi, and Pune. Co-founder and CEO Neha Sinha hopes to soon raise funding and expand to Mumbai. Read more at:
  • TN taking every precaution to save seniors from COVID-19 (IANS Special)
    Limiting visitors and outside visits, stopping group activities, discouraging assembly of residents even in cafeterias, promoting telemedicine, convincing the residents who had been to countries with rising COVID-19 cases to delay their return are some of the precautions taken at retirement communities to ring fence around the senior residents, said officials. Read more at:
  • Hindustan Times and Emoha come together to help the elderly amidst Covid-19
    While the world is battling an unprecedented crises, signup as a volunteer to keep our elders safe. Read more at:
  • Senior Citizens Living Alone? City-Wise Helplines That’ll Deliver Essentials
    To ensure their safety, free helplines have been opened in various cities, so that they can get help at their fingertips. Read more at
  • Real estate developers prepare to keep residents safe during lockdown
    The developers who are managing the society are sanitising all entry points and closed public areas including parks, gym, clubs and swimming pools. Since senior citizens are at greater risk, developers operating the senior citizen apartments, are also taking extra measures to prevent spread of the virus. Read more at:
  • RPG Life Sciences and Seniority launch Covid-19 risk monitoring tool for senior citizens
    The tool has been developed in consultation with the leading experts in the areas of infectious diseases, community medicine, clinical pharmacology and Covid-19 management.
  • Lockdown puts the spotlight on the concept of community living
    At a time when the coronavirus-induced lockdown has rendered several of us and our grandparents anxious and helpless, a group of senior citizens continue to live their best life, in high spirits. Knowing that the elderly are susceptible to Covid-19, caretakers of many old-age homes have taken further measures to protect them during the phase.
  • COVID-19: How retirement communities are protecting residents
    The Association of Senior Living India (ASLI) has put in place a set of rules that has been shared with members, to be followed in their communities. Read more:
  • It takes a village to protect the elderly: India’s senior living communities race to beat Covid-19 challenges
    The Union Health Ministry recently issued an advisory to the elderly, warning them that the novel coronavirus disease tends to be more severe among the elderly, resulting in higher mortality. Read more at:
  • NATHEALTH Gears Up For Elder Care In India
    New Delhi, September 02 2019, As the need for robust elder care facilities in India continues to develop,
  • West Bengal ,communities comprising of homes, facilities and services
    KOLKATA, sixty-three-year-old Aparna Dhar is one such entrepreneur, who has opened ‘MOM’S TOUCH’, which manufactures and sells handicraft, such as crocheted handbags, necklaces, quelling, earring, bangles, rings and decorative items.
  • Trends in Senior Living
    The seniors of today’s urban India do not confirm to the archetypal stereotype….