Trends in Senior Living

By Mohit Nirula , CEO, Columbia Pacific Communities

The seniors of today’s urban India do not confirm to the archetypal stereotype. They have done well professionally, educated their children well and seen them travel across the world to pursue their own careers. These seniors are not yet ready to settle into a soporific, sedentary lifestyle. Instead, they have a drive and a desire and increasingly the financial capability to pursue their passions well into their golden years.

The solution communities comprising of homes, facilities and services that are designed to serve the changing needs of seniors over time are the ideal solution. Conventionally, such communities have been viewed in India as part of the real estate industry. While a home and facilities is an integral part of the solution, the success of such communities will lie in their ability to unconditionally love, respect and care for the residents in a manner completely differentiated from real estate offerings.

Senior housing will increasingly be positioned more as a service offering and less a a product offering. The activities planned during the day, the meals that are served and the health and wellness support that will allow seniors to remain physically, mentally, intellectually, spiritually and socially engaged, will play a crucial part in influencing purchase decision. The quality of care giving would also become increasingly crucial. Also, technology will increasingly become an enabler in senior care, compelling the industry to think ahead of the curve in terms of how to leverage technology in a manner that meets the daily needs of baby boomers. Technology will not just aid safety devices and monitoring health, but will also reduce distances between ageing parents and their children.