Why senior housing societies are becoming increasingly popular?

India, a country known for its multigenerational households, is undergoing a significant demographic change in recent years. India had 104 million people aged 60 and above as per the Census 2011, contributing to 8.6% of the total population. When the population of senior citizens continues to increase, there is a need for senior housing societies that have gained popularity, to cater to their needs and preferences. These housing societies offer a combination of financial security and wellness-focussed living for them.

Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic has taught everyone to have his/her own house, especially the senior citizens who need extra care and assistance so that they can fully enjoy their retirement years. This is how new models of senior housing societies have emerged in the country and senior citizens and their families are looking for such societies to have a better lifestyle.

Further, senior housing societies have become increasingly popular due to their ability to cater to people aged 55 and above with special facilities and dedicated staff so that senior and retired people can have a peaceful life ahead.

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