Why must you join ASLI?

ASLI is a voluntary body to senior living providers by helping draft and implement guidelines development control rules that are relevant to the industry, to create consistently high quality senior living projects. The following benefits will accrue to the members:

Since it is a small industry and its nascent stage there is a lot to learn. As we collaborate through this association we can learn from each other.

Individual promotion of senior living is not only expensive but also ineffective. As a group of service providers, ASLI can be more effective with a larger reach.

Liasioning with government will become easier as a group that can be instrumental in senior-friendly laws and their implementation. ASLI can also create a niche for itself.

This is a cost-effective platform because the Association, as a group, can negotiate better.

Finally it will be easier for us to find quality service provider and create service providers for industry so the overall quality can be improved.

ASLI will work to create communication platforms to educate the senior population on senior living housing as a choice and on principles of Quality care, Service, Transparency, Ethical standards and Business excellence, provided by its members.