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ASLI Vision - Future Road Map for ASLI

The Assisted living sector is an urgent need of the country, more than Independent or Adult Living. India will need to graduate from Independent to Assisted living to make a impact.

ASLI will aim to be a voluntary accreditation body to senior living providers by helping draft and implement guidelines development control rules that are relevant to the industry, to create consistently high quality senior living projects. Using Best Global Practices, ASLI will advise operators on the following:

  • Developing and nurturing a deep and committed professional team from various professional backgrounds for various levels of management and experience in hospitality and healthcare.

  • Setting up training programmes for holistic care and to arrange tie ups with recognised institutes and universities offering programmes on human resources for aged care.

  • Promoting this industry as a career option, to help create a pipe line of human resources for the industry.

  • Helping establish and foster partnerships and tie ups with renowned healthcare partners, either National or Global to provide proper and continuing in place long term care.

  • Providing opportunities for members to tap into experienced Global senior living knowledge and operating partners

  • Helping members assess and study various innovative models, services, amenities and products prevailing in the industry by leveraging the experience of other developed countries and to avoid the pitfalls faced by them through their evolution.

  • Guiding members to innovate in design and project layouts, by providing the introductory bridge to industry experts globally.

  • Assisting agencies like JLL in more focussed and detailed market research needs on local trends and perceptions of the senior living space.

  • Assisting members in branding, marketing strategies, marketing channels and honing on to target select customer profiles.

  • Helping members participate in various seminars, programmes, events, trade related activities and conventions nationally and globally.

  • Hosting an annual convention of ASLI for its members and other allied industry players to brain storm, engage with each other and share our collective experiences.

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