Home Care


               “Our Residents do not live in our place we work in their Homes”

Getting old is an unavoidable process. It is natural to human beings. Elderly people are precious and along with old age comes maturity, wisdom and respectability. As we know, there is no bond stronger than the one between a parent and a child. You will always be the masterpiece for your folks- a reflection of their boundless love and sacrifices. 

When we start facing chronic illness we need special care here, Association of Senior living (ASLI) provides you home care. We are working together with our members to reach out our objective i.e. “empowering senior living & care in India”.

ASLI is a trustworthy and reliable platform providing holistic, customized and responsive care for the elderly, not only for their medical needs and emergencies but also for their well-being, independence and happiness.

We know no matter where life takes you, you always carry along their memories, their blessings…and their worry with you. After all, those who made us who we are today deserve nothing but the best.

Elders form the core of the community and seamlessly around them are carers who like an envelope, help simplify, secure and energize an elder’s life, enhancing happiness and joy in the lives of an elder. As in any community, our elders and carers share a beautiful relationship where distance does not matter.

At ASLI, our members provide better health care and it will be easier for us to find quality service providers and create service providers for industry so the overall quality can be improved. We have Care Providers with different names, different ‘avatars’ some are known as care partners, some doctors, some housekeepers, but one thread that they all carry with them is a deep passion, desire to take care of elders. We provide:  

  1. a) Reactive care, 
  2. b) Preventive care along with reactive care and finally 
  3. c) Predictive care along with preventive and reactive care.

ASLI will work to create communication platforms to educate the senior population on senior living housing as a choice and on principles of Quality care, Service, Transparency, Ethical standards and Business excellence, provided by its members. It is everyone’s responsibility to grow into a respectable environment where someone can go to for help and care. 

ASLI thrives on deepening the trust of its members that it inspires and reinforces through its technology-enabled solutions, implemented by a disciplined workforce handpicked from former armed forces personnel, thus ensuring repeated delivery of professional services and sophisticated engagement programs.