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Mr.Mohit Nirula

"The best time to plant a tree was 30 years ago. The second best time is now." Chinese proverb The second innings:

Columbia Pacific Communities,Nirula’s second organisation in a 30-year old career allows him to bring to the fore all the skills that he has gained over the past three decades.

A vision that he has created a culture that he is nurturing, a mission that is "worthy". Its an opportunity to expand his knowledge and skills working with domain experts in areas as diverse as land acquisition; design and development of the communities; construction - on quality, on time, on budget; sales & marketing of real estate but with heart and empathy, ultimately continuing the association with the buyers and residents by servicing the community and the needs of the residents. His sole objective is to provide our elders with a safe, secure and engaging lifestyle in an environment of genuine warmth and care.


Senior living is coming of age in India. It is estimated that 98 million citizens are approaching the Golden Age with a significant proportion of them being 80 years of age. Apart from the sheer numbers, this generation is defying the conventional notions of senior living - independent, financially stable, well-travelled and socially connected, they approach retirement differently. They rekindle hobbies that had lain dormant and foster new interests – some even continue working but at a pace they wish and in a space they desire. We are reading the signs blowing in the wind.


Our objective is to reimagine the world of senior living for our residents and create next practices that exceed these changing expectations. We are promoted by Columbia Pacific group , one of the foremost developers of retirement communities in United States and South East Asia. They are also the promoters of Columbia Asia Hospitals, a path breaking healthcare service provider with 13 hospitals in India that established new standards in high quality medical care, in a people friendly environment for the middle class. Columbia Pacific has more than 40 years of experience and expertise in designing, building and managing senior housing communities around the world.

Our team, with the expertise of our principals in the United States of America and our partners in India brings together:

• Rich experience in senior housing design, development and management

•A strong real estate development and construction management team that builds and delivers projects on time, on budget and on quality.

• India’s largest and most experienced retirement community operator with close to 1600 residential units under management in 5 cities at 9 locations.


Life at Columbia Pacific Communities is designed to make it easier for the residents to remain engaged with like-minded neighbours as they live in age-friendly homes.

As residents of a Columbia Pacific Community, you will enjoy homes and public spaces that allow for and encourage interaction – environments that accord residents to participate in activities that allow them to continually and progressively keep themselves physically, mentally and intellectually stimulated and engaged.


A Columbia Pacific Community embeds the concept of wellness within itself. A concept and design that takes care of the special and specific needs of each resident so they can continue doing things that make them, them. These include:

Keeping fit

Learning more

Managing stress

Eating right

Being social


At Columbia Pacific Communities, senior living is nothing like what you have come to expect. We leverage our experience from across the world to bring the best thinking and innovations across gourmet dining, health care, space design and social activities to create thoughtfully designed, thriving communities.

The Design Philosophy

Columbia Pacific Communities reflect the values of compassion, craftsmanship, simplicity, honesty and experience. The designs encompass outdoor spaces which are a mix of contemplative and active spaces, social-friendly spaces that encourage interaction. All communities will have a mix of apartment sizes and so you can choose a size and configuration that best serves your needs. All residences, public spaces – indeed the entire Community is compliant with National Building Code for accessibility and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility guidelines for movement of individuals and wheel chairs.

The Service Philosophy

At Columbia Pacific Communities, we believe that to be successful our service needs to be proactive, intuitive and personalized. We offer concierge, restaurants, banquets, leisure, housekeeping, maintenance, gardens, utilities and security services.

The Health Philosophy

Our health partner is Columbia Asia Hospitals, one of the leading providers of modern health care. The bar is set high with reliance on quality care with affordability and transparency.

Partnering Opportunities

Changing the contours of an entire category requires belief and like-minded collaborators. We constantly seek to partner with developers, architects, consultants and service providers who are eager and enthusiastic to create new standards in senior living communities. We believe, with the right partners we can remain at the forefront of developing solutions that help active adults live richer lives, longer.

Columbia Pacific Communities – our identity

The Banyan Tree (Ficus benghalensis) is one of the Indian subcontinent’s most venerated trees and enjoys pride of place as the National Tree of India.

It is stable and constant. It has a long lifespan and hence seems immortal. Its roots descend from the branches and then anchor the tree to the ground, transforming into trunks.

In an ever changing world, we seek constancy and permanence. As a true metaphor for our company’s values, we present the Banyan Tree with pride in our company’s corporate identity.


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