Monthly Letter February 2021

Dear friends,

I would like to thank all of you for participating in the ASLI event in January. This event has definitely helped us in putting ASLI on the map when it comes to government and consumers, which will be useful for all of us as we move forward. However the consumer side we did have some misses and it was a learning experience. I would like to specially thank the management team of Bani and Moni with so many members contributing to achieve great results for the event. I am also thankful that Sister Shivani, Mr. Subramanyam and Mr. Durga Shankar Mishra contributed to the event. If anyone has any feedback please share with Bani, as this would help us improve in the coming years.

We have two meetings coming up, one with Haryana Director town and country planning for senior living regulations and DWSSC on 15th Feb on how we can further collaborate with them. If anyone wants to join the meeting or have any suggestion do share with me.

The ASLI board is going to have a meeting at the end of the month to also see where we would like to steer ASLI and what all value we can add to our members. If you have any thoughts again please feel free to share with us. We are also happy to welcome three more members who have joined us in January Dr Mamta Mittal, Seniors First, Mr. Sharad Goil, Magnus Realty & Mr. Sharad Gadsing, Urban Mystique Homes

Always keep smiling 😊