Advisory for Physiotherapists & Clinics


1. Attain patients without panic and negligence: 1.1. Keep minimum distance of 3 meters between two consecutive treatment couches 

1.2. Follow Red flags and Yellow flags strictly while collecting subjective data of the patient 

1.3. A clear color coded chart of Red & Yellow flags must be displayed properly to be noticed by the public 

1.4. Any kind of fever, common cold, flu take travel history from last 3 weeks and correlate them with WHO guidelines for COVID19 

2. Stick to the appointments: 2.1. Ensure that patients are coming on their allotted appointment time positively 

2.2. Try to complete treatment protocols with in stipulated time period (may be 45min – 01 hr) to avoid unnecessary crowding inside the premises. 

3. Hygienic habits of keeping premises disinfected: 3.1. Keep foot wares outside the premises 

3.2. Provide hand sanitizer who ever entering into the premises 

3.3. Frequently clean and disinfect objects used by multiple persons like water taps, door handles, switches, railings, weighing scales, assessment tools, exercise equipments, chairs, stools etc 

3.4. Floor cleaning with disinfectant solution frequently 

3.5. Keep the washroom clean and dry 

3.6. Use disposable bed sheets and pillow covers separately for each patient in every session 

3.7. Never allow patients to bring bed sheets & pillow covers from their home to use 

3.8. Use hand wash and tissue paper instead of soap and towels 

4. Professional attire to prevent & spread of infection: 4.1. Use doctor’s coat/ apron (preferably full sleeves) with buttons’ on 

4.2. Use disposable hand gloves during clinical examination and treatment 

4.3. Change gloves from patient to patient 

4.4. Use N-95 (used by health professionals) Mask while on duty 

4.5. Properly comb & tie long hair 

4.6. No extra nails 

4.7. Use clinic slippers inside and avoid taking them out 

5. Take on measures during Manual therapy treatment or any other Hands on skills: 5.1. Maintain all kind of professional attire without fail 

5.2. Provide mask to the patient if required 

5.3. Hand sanitizer to be used by the treating therapist and patient both before and after hands on session 

6. Etiquette of using Electro therapy: 6.1. All machines and accessories must be dust free 

6.2. Use gel and micropore tape instead of lint pads and straps 

6.3. Disinfect all the accessories which are used directly on patients like electrodes, US transducer head etc with saline water/ detol water/ sanitizer immediately before and after using them 

6.4. Use cottons or tissue paper instead of cloths/ towels to wipe up gel from the patient body part 

6.5. Avoid using of Hydro collateral packs and Wax bath 

6.6. Infra red radiation can be used instead with moisturizing gel on place 

7. Take on measures during Exercise therapy treatment: 7.1. Keep all exercise therapy equipments at certain height rather than on plain ground 

7.2. Advice maximum self exercise without any equipment or accessories 

7.3. Advise maximum home advice with proper demonstration, sufficient explanation and handout with clear diagrams (at least line diagram) 

7.4. In case exercise equipments are to be used then clean them with disinfectants immediately before and after use positively 

7.5. Provide hand sanitizer to the patient before and after using these exercise objects